Our craftsman are experienced in all areas of tile and stone installation, custom stone and glass installations and any removal and preparation work that may be needed.

We tile in any area of your house, including kitchen floors, counter tops, back splashes, bathroom walls, ceilings, floors, family rooms, basements, outside pathways, driveways and landscape walls.

Ceramic / Porcelain Tile

Whether for walls or floors, ceramic and porcelain tiles are great tiles to use in any area of your home. They are extremely versatile and come in many different colors and textures. Good for high volume areas as well. Porcelain tiles can also be used outside, as they are not susceptible to clefting caused by frost damage.


Glass tile

Glass tile is made from mostly recycled materials such as glass bottles. It can give any space in your home a nice modern and elegant touch. Whether used as an accent border, wall tile in your shower, on your kitchen back splash, or even on a floor, this tile will create a bold and sophisticated look.


Marble, Slate, Travertine, Granite

Stone tile can create many different looks in your space depending on what stone you choose. Marble is re-crystallized limestone that obtained new minerals through intense pressure. The result of that process is a stone that is elegant and glamorous. This material is ideal for spaces where a more formal look is desired. Slate is made of thin sheets of dried mud, clay and volcanic ash.

The combination of those materials gives slate its natural look that is great for any indoor or outdoor space. Travertine is formed in underground rivers and streams which gives it its smooth yet porous look. Granite is compacted quartz that has formed over millions of years. Granite is naturally anti microbial and stain resistant.

Grout and Caulk
If your looking for and makeover of your old tile, new grout and caulk is a great way to go.  Have the old grout and caulk removed and re-installed for a sharper image of your existing tile.

Shower Pan
Removing your bath tub and installing a walk in shower is a luxury upgrade to any bath.  Hiring a professional to install a shower pan  is very important.  Water damage and leaks can cause major problems if it is not done right.  You can have complete confidence in our skilled craftsman who have many years of experience with shower pans and drain installations.

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